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Speaking Things Into Existence

Hey guys! Lately I've been really into inspirational things. I've always been a huge podcast listener, but now I'm moving into the realm of motivational speakers, positive thinking, and spirituality. Now instead of seeing post of the Hadid's on my Instagram popular page, it's filled with Jay Shetty and "Jesuspostsbro". I think we are all here for a purpose much bigger than ourselves, and we are so much more than our bodies. (Which really helps with any insecurities, because you realize they don't mean anything.) And well, I've been educating myself through this way. Through this, I feel I hear most of what the universe is trying to tell me. I asked Him once, through prayer without thinking, if He could write down His answer to me so I could actually understand Him. Because, sometimes, I really have a problem with listening. And 15 minutes later I was shown 7 different spiritual posts with the same message on all of them. So, now my feed is full of this inspiration and this guidance. And now, I can listen.

Jim Carrey

One thing from this inspiration has made me curious. "Speaking things into existence". When I first heard of this, I was like, mhm yeah ok whatever that means. *Scroll*. But then, I actually put some thought into it. A lot of you may be familiar with the story of Jim Carrey writing himself a check for $10 million dollars. If you haven't, here's an excerpt from artplusmarketing.com :

ISN'T THAT CRAZY! Jim Carrey was just like, "yep, universe, this is what I want, let's make it happen" and universe was like "k."

This is where my research started. This author from this post calls this the law of attraction. When I first heard that term I immediately thought of the law of proximity, which really isn't the same thing. So this took a lot of re-learning. So I'm going to call this something much simpler "Speaking things into existence".

How to Speak Things Into Existence

Speaking things into existence is quite literal. You speak of something you want, let's say... "I want to make $400 by selling balloons in the park by September 2019." And, well, you say it out loud, and write it down. You just kind of hold onto it. Every day, perhaps you can say it to yourself, or to others, and it slowly becomes engrained in your thinking. And, if you speak it into existence with positivity, it will come true. It will exist. A check is a great example. (If it's money related.)

You've got the date you're speaking it into existence, who is receiving this money, how much you're paying, what the check is for, and then your signature to sign it off. And yes, it does have to be that specific.

If you say you want to make $400, you won't get anywhere. You've got to state how and when. "I want to make $400 by selling balloons in the park by September 2019."

Another Example

Bam. Y'all, it's possible. (Author from the Jim Carrey post)

The Catch

Here's the catch you guys. You don't have to drill towards your goal. Especially with acting, nothing is ever in our control. With speaking things into existence, they simply just happen. Yes, with persistence and hard work, but it's not a sense of mandate, rather a sense of belief and faith. You may not have a plan to fulfill that goal or support it, and that's okay. As long as you do something everyday to further yourself to that goal, it will happen. But every intention towards your goal has to be positive. An ounce of negativity will ruin it. You don't even need to put it at the forefront of anything, especially your mind. Let it find its place into your subconscious and your dreams will come true.

Yes, with persistence and hard work, but it's not a sense of mandate, rather a sense of belief and faith.

What I Spoke Into Existence

Before I read this article, I didn't realize that I already speak things into existence. I'm a natural positive thinker, and turns out I've been doing it my whole life. It took a weird occurance for me to hit that realization.

I had this odd goal. I moved back home late July 2018 and I said to myself, "I really don't want to be here for more than a year. I don't want to live at home in my twenties." And, while I never wrote it out loud, I vocalized it to only one person. Then I came up with specificity for security. "I'm not going to move out of the house until I have an agent (acting), I have a job lined up, and I have friends around me." I vocalized that to one person, and thought about it in the forefront a few times, as it normally dwindled in my subconscious. I didn't write it down, or make it written goal, I just knew how much it would kill my independence to not be on my own in my twenties, chasing my dream.

As long as you do something everyday to further yourself to that goal, it will happen.

I really had no plan of achieving this and even though I realized those three things can be pretty much impossible to happen within a year in this business, I still held on to what I wanted.

Step 1

Throughout the rest of 2018 and the beginning of 2019, I kept submitting to managers and agents in Place A and Place B, and all though I had auditions, nothing stuck. I'd submit myself for acting jobs in these places and once again, although I had auditions, nothing stuck. I wasn't discouraged, but I was lost. If nothing is biting by now, I'm not sure if I'll be able to move out.

Mid-June 2019 I hear of some really good friends debating to move someplace (Place C). And I think, hm, maybe I should try going to that someplace (not saying the city name in case any of you are creeps out there). So, I look for places to rent and wow, maybe I can actually afford it. But, I have no one to live with. So, forget it. Then, with talking to Him, I heard that I should submit to some Place C agents. So, in being bold, I submit to the top 5 agents in Place C. Because, well, I want to work with the best, who doesn't. Being a realist, I thought, yeah no way I'm moving out this summer because it takes months to get signed by an agency.

Usually 2 weeks-3 months to have your submission reviewed, an audition, then another 1 month-3 months to be signed.

So I pitched my best pitch to these places and forgot about it. 2 days later I receive an e-mail from number 3. Number 3 asks me to audition for them. WHAT! 2 days later, I send in an audition tape and by the next morning, they sign me.

Okay step 1 I've got an agent! Now one month to find wonderful roommates (friends around me), and a job. Eek.

Step 2

In order to try to find roommates, I go on Facebook and check out a lot of subleases. A few days later, my sister and I do a spontaneous trip and I meet all these potential roommates. They all either had horribly trained pets, did too many drugs, or just never opened the door when I rang. So, there goes my chance for roommates. No one around me is moving down to Place C. So... guess Step 2 failed.

Then in the first week of July, I receive a text from a good friend who confirms he's moving to Place C, as well as all his and my other good friends. What! No way! He says he's planning moving down Late July. So I talk to him and another good friend to see if they have room in their place, and they say their places are full. But they decide to recommend me to their good friends, who are in need of a roommate and plan to move late July to Place C. So we text and instantly we hit it off. BAM! Step 2, good friends and roommates completed!

Step 3

Now we've got 2 weeks to find a job. And while I've been applying all over Place C city for months, nothing has bit. But, I'm waiting on a few e-mails. Once I get a job, EVERYTHING will have been spoken into existence!

The Crazy Part

Late July 2018, I made this plan that I didn't want to live at home for more than a year. While I was working toward this goal for 11 months, nothing was working out. My goal came to fruition a month before I wanted to move out. And, my roommates, they want to move down there the exact day I moved back home last year. That means, I will have lived at home for exactly one year. Not a day longer. Within one month, I was signed to one of the top 5 agencies of Place C, I heard word of a bunch of good friends moving down to Place C and I'm living with their friends, and now... I just need to find a job. I had no plan intact for making my goal happen but just before the deadline, everything came around.

Jim Carrey, Random Author, and I all have proof that if you speak anything into existence with positivity and specificity, it can and will come true. Try it for yourself, awesome things will happen.

Signing off,


Comment below what you want to speak into existence this summer!

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