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Goodbye 2018

Updated: Feb 2, 2019

Hi Everybody!

I have been blogging for about three months now, but the time has come for me to put it on 'pause'. The weekly blog every Thursday helped to kick off this new feature and interest of mine, another way to channel my creativity. It helped to answer some questions you all have had about my life, what I'm up to, and a little bit inside world of acting. 2019 is coming and I suspect it will be a busy year, a year filled with lots of 'new's and personal and artistic growth. A year I have a lot of high hopes for. My 2019 goals exceed a whole word document, so here we go.

I'm going to spend this blog recapping this past year, hopefully I'll answer some more questions you all had along the way.


January I had moved back home to Northern Virginia after leaving college. I picked up work again to save as much as I could for Los Angeles... accounting for rent, food, training, as much money as I could save.


On February 5, I moved to California, awaiting for a shipped car to arrive soon after. I started up classes at one of the best acting studios in Los Angeles, and honestly, I was loving California. I landed my first acting gig, which sent me to Louisiana to film. This film will be released on Netflix in 2019. I was only on set for a short while, however production kept calling me back. I got called back to Louisiana about ten different times to get back on set. The size of my role kept getting larger and larger however since I worked as a"local", I couldn't afford to travel and stay in Louisiana any longer. Looking back, if I had kept returning to that set and returning for larger roles, I could've earned my SAG card from my first acting job ever. Crazy. Sadly, I had to leave the set after a few days and I missed out on a lot of opportunities. Looking back, it is a bit of regret, but everything happens for a reason. At the beginning of my career, I had no credits and was not prepared for the union, however this film would've propelled me into the acting realm I aim to be in. After the Louisiana gig, I got cast in The Serling Affair directed by Ash McGee and met some pretty awesome people I still keep in touch with to this day.


In March, I made the move from Huntington Beach to Los Angeles and landed about twenty auditions. One came through for me. I got cast as the supporting role of Jodie in The Milkman by Venerable Road Productions directed by Jody Phelps. Luke came to visit me and we did a week-long trip exploring all over California, the parts of Joshua Tree, the tourist spots of Los Angeles, and the beaches of Catalina Island. A trip I will forever hold close to my heart. I began studying improv under Dan Stransky as well as continuing my previous training under Indrani DeSousza in Los Angeles. I had my first meeting with my first manager, ever, which was an exciting mile marker in my new career. I was fortunate enough to work alongside career professionals such as upcoming director Foster Wilson from Something Wilde Productions and actors Jeanine Mason from Grey's Anatomy and Josh Zuckerman from 90210. I had the great experience of getting paid to watch Oscar winning Allison Janney and SAG Award nominee Anna Faris do some of their best work.


April was a great month for I completed my improv and technique training and picked up piano lessons. The Milkman was shot and I earned my first few IMDb credits. I got the blessing of a lifetime to work alongside Meryl Streep, Nicole Kidman, and Reese Witherspoon (not from the Milkman, from a different project). Seeing these amazing actors work at their craft had me speechless and more motivated to work even harder. I got accepted into the American Conservatory Theatre, which was a great success, one I was hoping for but not even close enough to thinking of getting accepted. I moved back home to Northern Virginia, to refresh, then begin my move to San Francisco.


When the time came, I left northern Virginia and left for Los Angeles with my sister, preparing for a meeting with an agent when I returned. Theresa and I then did a coastal California road trip from Los Angeles up to my new home of San Francisco. We traveled to Santa Monica, Ventura, Santa Barbara, Cambria, Big Sur, Monterey, Napa Valley, and more.


I moved into my temporary home in San Francisco then quickly started studying at the American Conservatory Theatre, having class from 9am-5pm Monday through Friday for five weeks. Every morning I woke up at sunrise to walk two miles to the BART station, then take an hour train ride into San Francisco. Upon leaving class at 5pm, another hour long train ride, then another two-mile walk home. I was blessed to be put into the Black Company, a group of elite and extremely talented actors who I quickly bonded with, we are all still in contact to this day. I have never been surrounded by a more supportive and lovely group of actors. We studied Voice under the amazing Christine Adaire, Movement, specifically Viewpoints, under Mark Jackson, Acting under David Warren Keith, Technique under Chris Herold, Improv under Kimberly McLean, Speech under Jessica Bermann, and Clowning under Leticia Barlett. It was a transformative experience and broke me quick, which is a feeling I thrive off of.


After many weeks of rehearsals, I showed my final performance of Dev in Egyptian Ratscrew, an adaptation to Chekhov's The Seagull.I excitedly accepted my certification of completion from the American Conservatory Theatre having earned incredible training and hit the road back home. Luke came and joined me as we did our cross country road trip back to the east coast. Hitting the Yosemite, Salt Lake City, Jackson Hole, Yellowstone, the Badlands, Mount Rushmore, Chicago, and more.


Navigating my way back into a new acting market was difficult. The DC/DMV acting market is worlds different from Los Angeles and San Francisco. I came down with HFMD which prohibited me from moving on for a bit.


I picked up work again and started my piano lessons along with Shakespeare classes by Dan Crane and Acting classes by Brenna McDonough at the Shakespeare Theatre. Both amazing teachers who could have not prepared me more for the DC acting market. I worked alongside career professionals such as Eric Roberts, the brother of Julia Roberts. I was found by the REELZ network to star as their Episodic Lead in their Connie Navarro episode directed by Brendan Goeckel. My first network TV spot. I ended up landing about fifteen different auditions and was running, running, running. I auditioned for, got call-backed for, and was cast as the Lead, Angelica, in "Black Dog" directed by Gillian Lelchuk alongside Present Tense Theatre Company.


Classes at the Shakespeare Theatre came to an end and I was found by director Tarik Begic to be the supporting role in his film, Victim, which is now in post-production. They were such a wonderful cast, who I keep in touch with to this day. I ended up landing about thirty different auditions this month as I was running between classes, work, and rehearsals.


Black Dog opened and closed in the first week of November and it was a success! I felt such a thrill returning to the stage. Things starting slowing down a bit as classes were put to an end and I began networking more. Director Collin Ausbury recruited me to be the supporting role in his film, 'Till Death Do Us Part where I was booked to shot in North Carolina for the last days of the month.


December has already had it's successes such as being cast in Princess Cut 2 & 3 which is still filming, however the month is not over. Perhaps, there will be more in store.

2018 was a blessed year of me navigating the industry, falling constantly, but always getting back up. This was a year of personal growth to an extent I cannot explain. Here comes 2019, a prosperous year, I can feel it! I have booked fifteen productions in 2018. Can't wait to see the 30 productions I will book in 2019! So far, my career has been rolling and has been quite the time, I could not ask for anything more. Here is to working even harder, and diving even deeper. I can't wait to see just where 2019 will take me.

I am putting an end to this blog for just a bit. If I receive questions I will answer them here, or if I feel pushed to write, I will. However, the weekly blogs will take a little break, as I hope everyone will this holiday season. Happy Holidays everyone! May 2019 be our greatest year yet.

With Love,

Christina Hastings

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