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I'm Starting a Blog! (Shocker)

Hey everyone!

Here it is... welcome to my blog! I've been pondering about starting a blog for, a few days now, and due to some positive feedback on my #Instagram post I figured I'd give it a try! Welcome to my website everyone, feel free to scope around. You'll find my headshots, demo reel, my latest productions, and some of my photography. It takes quite a while to update everything on here, but nonetheless everything will be updated and this website will look #awesome in just a few days.

I understand I have been living a very confusing life, my parents can't even keep up. Hey Mom and Dad, welcome to my blog!! Hopefully this blog will be beginning to answer everyone's questions to what I have been doing and all I am en route to achieve.

Once I figure out a blog style that works for everyone, allows people to post comments and subscribe to this blog, then we will really get the ball rollin'. Maybe you can already do that? Idk surprise me.

There's a TON of stuff in the works this week in terms of establishing my career and working to better myself as the mysterious human being I am. I have already received plenty of questions in my Instagram DM's which has helped me to devise what the topic of my first real blog will be. The course of this blog will uncover many topics from health to acting, from religion to photography, from dog to cat, from whatever to anything.

I will also be starting a VLOG on my YouTube page to accompany this blog! Some things are much easier to explain via video and well I've always loved editing footage so you'll be able to find some of my content there too.

Let me know what questions you'd like me to answer. I am an open book. Go to my Home page and contact me via the Contact Me option at the down of the page. Or if you can post comments here, do that.




This is how I look while typing this blog. And apparently how I look during auditions too.

I'll be updating my blog once a week so feel free to subscribe now. (If you can... I'm trying to figure that out.)

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