The New Short Flm


when working on 'till death do us part, i was surrounded by incredible filmmakers and story tellers. i knew that one day i'd like to work with them again. 


while on set for that film, director collin ausbury asked me if i'd ever like to direct. directing wasn't something i was super familiar with, however, writing was. 


i decided it's time to create my own content. in just one day, i wrote the first draft of this screenplay and knew instantly who'd i hire as my creative team.


this film will be shot in virginia this march 2019.



 this film will be entering film festivals worldwide and released on new media. meaning, this film will be free for all to watchwe want to get this film into as many hands as possible, to do our share to stop distracted driving. 



'till death do us part

from the creative minds of the same team.

our work from december 2018.


Two sisters, Diana and Layla are filled with grief, confusion, frustration, and an overall feeling of loss when they lose a loved one in a car accident. A car accident very dear to them that has changed the course of their lives.

Diana and Layla grew up as sisters and best friends, knowing nothing but the sisterly love they had for each other. A love so acknowledgeable oftentimes it goes without saying. One night changed this forever.  

Life as they knew it, changed before them.

Diana's fiancé grabbed a ride home from work. The driver received a text that would end up taking Andrew's life.

This film follows the lives of Layla and Diana after the accident. The sad truth of the difficulty of living without a loved one. The life lost isn't just the life that's been taken. 

This film discovers the necessity of telling the ones closest, "I love you" and the guilt that happens when you can't find the right words to. 



we are a passionate group of talented students from universities nationwide. we have come together to tell this story. a story we feel must be heard. however, as many of you may know, making a film is by no means cheap. as college student-artists, our producers have scraped as much money as possible, however we do not collectively meet the funds needed to produce this film. if you feel as passionate about the subject of distracted driving, especially among the age group of college students, any help will be great. this film will be free to all, meaning, we are making no profit from creating this film. we will be releasing this film on free platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and more to make sure we can get it into as many hands as possible. 


if you would like to help, please click the button below. seriously, any donation will go a long way.