At eight years old I picked up my mother's Canon camera. She was hesitant to let me borrow her DSLR, but after my  persistence, the camera was handed over to me. And the legend goes, after I showed her the pictures I took that afternoon  she never again stopped me from taking her camera. 

At the age of fourteen, with my very own Nikon, I started my first business: CH Photography. Through the power of social media and word of mouth, CH Photography grew state-wide reaching out to nearly one hundred clients. 

I saved up the money from my business in hopes to attend an arts school to study photography. But before that crossroad came, I was accepted to study amongst a worldwide elite group of photographers in the National Geographic Society. I traveled around Barcelona studying photography under Tino Soriano. Through Tino, I developed a love for lifestyle and portraiture photography. 

God blessed me with the honor of opening the Barcelona National Geographic Student Expedition Gallery along with Tino Soriano with one of my own pieces. This photo can be seen on the welcome page. 

Chrstina Hastings