Christina Hastings is a photographer, actress, blogger, writer, model, and more. 

At eight years old, out of boredom, Christina asked to borrow her mother's Canon camera. Her mom was hesitant, but eventually let her. After seeing her shots, her mom never stopped Christina from taking the camera. 

Christina invested in her first camera, a Nikon, at just eleven years old. 

At the age of fourteen, Christina started her own business, CH Photography. Through the power of social media and word of mouth, CH Photography grew state-wide.

She began training herself via YouTube videos on how to shoot professional-looking pictures and practicing editing techniques.

Christina saved up the money from her business in hopes to attend an arts school to study photography. At the age of sixteen, she got accepted to study amongst a worldwide elite group of photographers in the National Geographic Society. She traveled around Barcelona studying photography under Tino Soriano. Tino taught her how to appreciate the art even further. Through Tino, she developed a love for lifestyle and portraiture photography. 

Christina had the honor of opening the Barcelona National Geographic Gallery with her own art. The photo can be seen on the welcome page. 

Since then, Christina Hastings still runs CH Photography. Her particular loves are lifestyle and portraiture shoots, still implementing Tino Soriano's techniques. She loves to work with others to make their visions come to life. 



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